Ian Tocor

French artist using techno music and photography to provide emotions 

What do I do

Creating Electronic Music

From ambient to techno with a hint of dub.
Perfoming Dj Set & Live

Photography as an escape

Photography as an outlet
for archived emotions
All taken with Analog Camera

Supporting cultural projects

I'm currently starting a record label with my friend Exal to release new music.

Released music on

Krakzh records
Cracki Record
Love What You Feel
Simple music

Small Portfolio

Here is some examples of my work all taken with my analog camera

Let me know if you want a print or have more details about my work.

Printed Logo Ian Tocor by Biim Studio

About me

In short, Ian’s music is an outlet: deeply anxious to provoke in various forms links between moving bodies, his dj sets and live are as rough and strong as they are surrounded by tenderness. Ian’s photography is an another outlet for archived emotions, seizing them by the image.

Check my work