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Ian Tocor is a smiling man born and raised in the West of France. Perhaps it is the moody landscapes of the Bretagne region that have driven him to ambient ,deep, dub and techno. As part of « Outlander Wax Theory » and « Drnchd » bands, he signed his first EP on the American label Love What You Feel in 2014. Played by Fred P, this Ep oscillates between dubby House and melodic vocal tracks. Ian has been featured on the first compilation of Simple Music Experience with a dreamlike journey called "Blue, also on Label Vastechoses, adventurous music, intrepid grooves and editions of all kinds are can be found on this platform. Ian has been featured on the two firsts compilations of Krakzh Records with "EEEEEE" and "Scoundrel", you can listen to his techno side on this platform.
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Ian’s latest vinyl release is on Cracki Records,This Ep pays tribute to the fantastic world of the “tempestaire beings” who can calm storms, winds and natural phenomena. Jean Epstein animated these magicians over 70 years ago, in Brittany, his homeland. « When the storm is unleashed, it's in our hearts that we worry, our dreams, our ghosts, our illusions, our utopias, our chimeras are animated by the wind, a wind that sweeps up bodies, intoxicated by music. » The release also features a remix by the live techno phenomenon Renart.
In short, Ian’s music is an outlet: deeply anxious to provoke in various forms links between moving bodies, his dj sets and live are as rough and strong as they are surrounded by tenderness.