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Emotional AF.

Editions fondations - March 1, 2018.

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 75 ex. laser print, silkscreen cover by Sarah-Line Anglade (Biim studio) A collection of 7 photos of front and back in postcard format, a booklet A5 20 pages and 8 pieces of ambient music to download on bandcamp with a special code in a black silkscreened box..



Here is a larger portfolio of my distorted reality - all taken with my analog camera
"It is by the usage and the choice of its compact cameras, like a Pentax 115g or a Pentax Espio 140 that the practice of Ian Tocor is revealed. Rather than a complex machine able to perfectly reproducing a certain reality, Ian chooses an old bargain compact, with simples operations, found here and there, at ridiculous prices. The bond with the device becomes more corporal than visual. It is part of the motion and the movement that surrounds it. That's why Ian breaks, loses his devices. His spontaneous and fleeting practice is a release, he evacuates his excesses of sensitivity by seizing them by the image and thus to better digest them, understand them and to accept them. His images often seem light, ghostly. It is not so much the aesthetic aspect that is important here, but the emotional charge embedded. This is particularly evident in his double-exposure photographs combining two images, which complement each other, giving a new reality to a space or an object. One wonders then, what was the missing part, the emptiness of each party gathered, and the one of Ian when he took this picture."
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Jean Cica
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